Visico CR3200 Power Pack
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Visico CR3200 Power Pack

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Product Description

Product Details: CR-3200 Visico 1000W Power Pack 
Pure Sine Wave power inverters are a great way to provide mains quality mobile power to your studio flashes while on location without damaging your precious equipment.
This power pack has been designed for the conscious professional for studio location as well as outdoor lighting. It is equipped with the latest digital technology and it is extremely precise, stable and versatile.
This power pack can be charged directly from  any power point as well as from the cigarette lighter in your car.


This portable power supply is designed to run one or many flash units with a combined power rating of up to 3200Ws. 

This unit can also be used for powering continuous lighting with a maximum load of 1000W, or just about any other 240V appliance such as laptops, printers etc. 





AC input Voltage range


DC input


AC Output


Charging time

4 hours

Durative Maximum  Constant power output


Durative Maximum Constant current


Instant Maximum  power output


Instant Maximum  current


Number of shots with one 300W flash at full power


Number of shots with one 300W flash at half power


Number of shots with two 300W flashes at full power


Number of shots with two 300W flashes at half power


Number of shots with one 400W flash and one 600W at full power


Number of shots with one 400W flash and one 600W at half power


Dimensions (cm)

30 x 20 x 21

Weight (kg)



     Main Features:

  • Compatible with most brand flashes
  • Lead acid batteries -no memory effect
  • Easy replaceable battery
  • Connector for external battery pack to extend autonomy
  • Fast charging
  • Can be charged from main power 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Can be charged from a car or other external battery 12/14V
  • Fast recycling time
  • Polarity and short circuit protections
  • Over charging and Over loading protection
  • Over discharging protection

Low level battery - visual and audio warning


Compatible &Tested on the following models:

Visico VE series, All VC series, All VCLR series

Illuminate Flash 250 / SD400 / SD600

Linkstar LF 250 / LF 500

Aurora / Aurora Lite Bank Genises 400/800, Fusion 300/600/900/1200, Camra 300, Orion 200/400,   Digis

Hensel Integra 500 single light,  Integra 500 Pro Plus,  eFlash,  Expert ProPlus, 250/500/1000,   Expert B500,   MoNoflash Vario B400

Bowens Esprit 125/250/500/1000/1500,   Esprit2 500 / Prolight 120,  Esprit Digital DX250/DX500/DX1000,   Esprit Digital 750 Pro,   MoNolite 400e, MoNolite 750 special, Esprit Gemini 500ws,   Esprit Gemini Digital 250 / 500, Prolite 41, 82 and 120, Esprit Gemini GM 200 / 400,   MoNo 400D

Elinchrom Style 100FX / 400FX, Style 100BX / 400BX, Style 300RX, Style 600RX/ 1200RX, D-lites 2/4, Style 300S / 600S / 1200S, Style 300 / 600, Classic EL 500 / EL1000, EL 200ws Portalite,  BX 500Ri / 250Ri

Multiblitz Profilux (Classic) 200 / 400 / 600, mini Studio 252/402, Varispot

Profoto D1 (Air) 250 / 500, Compact 300 / 600, Compact Plus 600/1200, Acute 2 / 2R 600 /1200,  Compact Plus 600R

Broncolor Visatec Solo Serie 400B / 800B / 1600B / 3200B

Calumet Travelite 750, Genesis 200, Genesis 400

Richter Richter Star 250, 500, 750

Venditus Studioblitz L-500A

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